Wrapping 2022

Another year for the books!

Wrapping Up 2022

Wrapping Up 2022

As December seems to race by in the blink of an eye, it’s natural to start planning for the next year ahead. We’re already anticipating the world of possibilities that 2023 has to offer. But before we officially wrap up this eventful, exciting, fulfilling year that has been 2022, it’s always a good idea to take some time and look back. Now is the time to recall all the amazing opportunities that this year has brought us, and remember the fun adventures we had along the way. 

As travel restrictions lifted and production got back into full swing, we found ourselves jetting around the globe once again. Our on-location productions took us everywhere from Oaxaca, Mexico to Mont St. Michel, France, Tuscany, Italy, Orlando, Philadelphia, and many more exciting destinations. 

More than just amazing footage, we gained perspective through these journeys. We had new experiences, met new people, and pushed our boundaries as filmmakers. And we’ll carry those lessons with us as we continue to expand our horizons in 2023.

We truly love creating branded, behind-the-scenes, and documentary content – and we’re thrilled to say that this year we had the chance to dive into more narrative projects. Our short film, Vacancy in Apartment B, was completed this Spring, and has received awards at multiple film festivals including official selections at Liftoff: Los Angeles, San Diego Shorts, and ‘Best Crime Drama’ at Beverly Hills Arthouse Festival. This is just the beginning of our journey into creating original content, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s coming next.

Beyond creating video and photo content, we’ve also branched into new areas of the industry, including live events. Back in 2021, we had the opportunity to assist the Hollywood Producers Association with the annual HPA Awards, honoring excellence in filmmaking technology and innovation. We were thrilled to come on board again this year and to be a part of the awards ceremony. This is always a very special evening full of fun and great connections. It’s safe to say this will officially become a tradition for us, as we’re already looking forward to next year’s show.

We’ve had the privilege of working with so many outstanding companies this year who are pushing the boundaries of technology and entertainment. From Amazon Studios to Hyundai, Kingston, Frame.io, Insta360, Zeiss, and so many more. 

Our work has been published online, for broadcast, and at events across the country. One activation that was particularly exciting was seeing our collaboration with HyperX Cloud MIX Buds displayed in Times Square, NYC. There’s nothing like a big billboard to raise the level of excitement! Not to mention, this video was incredibly fun to help create, and we had a great time working with the team at HyperX. 

One of the most exciting aspects of this year for us is seeing the growth of our team, and our network of collaborators. Among those joining our ranks is our rockstar Production Coordinator, Devyn McEachern. Devyn has been an incredible addition to the core team this year, keeping us organized and managing multiple aspects of our production operations. 

Each project is a unique experience. Each has its own challenges and highlights. But no matter what the situation may be, our team dynamic, positive attitude and ability to deliver at the highest level is always noted by our clients as something that sets us apart. 

Speaking of looking forward – one of the areas we are most excited to explore in 2023 is the technological advances in Virtual Production. We’ve been thrilled to get the chance to meet some of the leaders in this field, to explore virtual stages and get an inside look at productions adopting these techniques. The demand for VR and Virtual Production is growing every day, and here at Origin Point we always pride ourselves on being ahead of the technological curve. Stay tuned with us as we dive deeper into the VP revolution that is coming down the pipeline! 

So before we run off to begin our holiday celebrations and ring in the new year, we want to give our whole-hearted THANK YOU to all of you – our network of wonderful collaborators, supporters, and friends. It has been said before, but it couldn’t be more true – We are a family here at Origin Point, and we are so happy that you are on this journey with us! 

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