Testing the Hollyland Pyro S

Testing the Hollyland Pyro S

Testing the Hollyland Pyro S

Image for all. On set, being able to see what we’re creating is crucial. The more efficient the wireless system we’re using, the better.

The Pyro S Wireless System is the latest release from Hollyland, featuring SDI as an option in addition to HDMI. We had the opportunity to take it out for a test drive on a recent narrative short film shoot. Here are our key takeaways:


The transmitter and receiver both feel super solid, while also being very lightweight. The HDMI, SDI, and USB C ports are all sensibly placed for cinema camera builds, with a single 1/4 20 mounting point on the bottom. The transmitter and receiver are also each clearly labeled and color coded for quick reference.


The Pyro S worked flawlessly all day for our shoot. The system offers several channels as well a scan option to find the best signal possible. The transmitter and receiver paired immediately out of the box, no pairing needed! It just worked. The signal had a delay of about 50 milliseconds, not super noticeable to our first AC pulling focus.


Through the Hollyview app, we were able to send the signal to any iPhone or iPad on set, which was crucial on the set of this passion project where we didn’t have enough monitors for each department. With Art, HMU, and the Lighting team each having personal access to the A Cam feed, it sped up the creative process all day long.

In closing, the Pyro S system is a great option for productions of all sizes, it’s lightweight enough to add to any rig, and versatile enough to provide the image to everyone on set. We’d recommend it as a solid option for filmmakers looking for a great wireless system for their next shoot.

Interested? Click HERE to get one for yourself!

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