Strada's AI Translation Technology is one of kind.

Origin Point joined forces with Strada to help tell a multi-lingual story using cutting edge AI

Strada: Where Artists meet AI

Strada: Where Artists meet AI

Documentary storytelling is about finding authenticity in your subject, and allowing them to speak their truth in their own words. We recently collaborated with Strada to interview Tom Malian, an Armenian immigrant about his experience running the family business. Coming from a family that came to the US from Philippines in the 80’s I could relate to the adversity Tom had to overcome to be the self-made man he is.

Having conducted interviews in multiple languages over the years, using Strada to immediately translate and transcribe Tom’s interview helped not only streamline the entire post process, it opened the door for us to collaborate in a more organic, natural way.

While on set, the audio and video were immediately synced in the cloud and made accessible through Strada’s simple platform, allowing me to review the entire interview, translated to English and transcribed using AI.

The possibilities are obvious: in the past it took multiple steps and teams to create assets like this for Creative Producers, today it takes minutes. In an age where creativity and computers are combining forces, Strada provides a clear path forward to the happy medium, where Artist and AI support each other organically. Michael Cioni, Austin Case, and the entire team at Strada are working magic beneath the hood, and we are so grateful for their work.

The goal of workflow is to remove the barriers keeping us from doing the creative work as soon as possible, and it feels like the future is here.

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