Introducing the all new Fancy Edible Glitter Packets. Effortlessly transform any momentand your drink—by adding FANCY SPRINKLES®️ Fancy Edible Glitter Packets to beverages, bubbly, and cocktails! With new packets, you can pour up an instant celebration with glittery beverages anywhere. Visually, we used the RED Gemini 5K with Zeiss Ultra Primes to create a world in close-up, with such small sprinkles, we told the story through a series of beautiful macro shots.  We wanted a tone that had swag and personality to it, and in the end, we found ourselves with the ultimate fancy experience on-screen.

Director: Megan Chumbley
Director of Photography: Jason Mitcheltree
Producer: Andrea Dondanville
Production Designer: Grace Hinson
Editor: Tyler Heckerman