When Theragun reached out to us about creating content for their upcoming rebrand as ‘Therabody’ and the upcoming release of their 4th generation of products, we were excited to bring their vision to life. As fans of the original Theragun ourselves, we understood that their message had the potential to reach a wide range of consumers. We wanted everything to maintain a premium look to suit the quality of the brand. Our goal was to express their company mission by highlighting various applications for their latest devices, and introducing their new CBD lotion and balms line, TheraOne. It was an honor being the first team to film their percussive therapy tools in seamless conjunction with the new wellness products, creating a cohesive vision of the elevated Therabody brand.

Director: Clyde Bessey
Director of Photography: Eric Soboleski
Producer: Andrea Dondanville, Tyler Heckerman, Kelly Pratt
Editor: Christian May
VFX: Jason Mitcheltree
Sound Design: Nikola Simikic