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“Creating this ‘digital reality’ look and feel really was a collaborative effort. Because the Visual Effects were so deeply involved with the art design and props, we really had to make sure that all departments were talking from beginning to end.  Ultimately we found that living in the future is a great place to be.”

– Clyde Bessey, Origin Point Creative Director

We learned so much through our recent collaboration on OMNIVISION. It seems like every day there are multiple new, exciting  technologies, apps and gadgets to discover. The products made by OMNIVISION play a vital part in our everyday life from entertainment to security, communications and more.

Just like a microchip works in tandem with other elements to make our devices work, we also need to work as a team on set to get the job done. At Origin Point, we pride ourselves on our communication and synergy throughout the production process. Each member of the team brings unique talents and skills, and perhaps equally as important – a positive attitude. And together we’ve been able to consistently capture gorgeous footage within budget and on time, with a happy crew at the end of the day.

Director of Photography Beth Napoli chose Zeiss Supreme Primes combined with the RED Monstro 8K to capture the scenes on location. 

“As always, it was a wonderful experience collaborating with the entire Origin Point team. It’s so fun and easy diving into the pre-pro process and thinking up all the ways we can make a project the best it can be. There’s always beauty in the details and Origin Point leaves no stone unturned when planning for a project. It’s my favorite way to approach a shoot, because that preparation leaves us room to be flexible on the day and open to other possibilities that might make the project even greater. 

This being a VFX heavy shoot, we opted to use the RED Monstro’s 8K VV sensor with the Zeiss Supreme Prime Radiance lenses. This was my first time using the Radiance lenses, but I often go back to the combination of the Monstro with the Supreme Primes, because it provides such a wonderful balance of pleasing focus falloff & bokeh while still maintaining enough detail and contrast for commercial photography. An added bonus with the Radiance lenses are their controlled flares, which everyone kept commenting on behind the monitor. The bluish tone to the flares offset with the warmth left in the skin tones makes for a lovely combination. We also utilized Schneider Hollywood Black Magic filters to add a subtle glow and skin softening. “ – Beth Napoli, Dir. of Photography

As we approach the end of 2021, it’s easy to feel like the year has flown by in the blink of any eye. Despite all the unique challenges of the past 2 years, when we look back, we can’t help but smile remembering all that we have accomplished together as a team. 

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