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The Gift of Flight

The Gift of Flight

Why walk when you can fly? 

We recently had the opportunity to go out in the field with none other than YouTube influencer Gene Nagata, a.k.a. Potato Jet. We shot in several beautiful locations in the San Pedro, Palos Verdes area with the latest exciting new product – The Insta360 Sphere. 

The Insta360 Sphere has the same lightweight, easy to use anywhere form factor that the Insta360 cameras are known for, making it ridiculously easy to capture and reframe footage directly on our smartphone. But now we can take it to the next level – literally! 

The Insta360 Sphere can mount directly onto a drone like the DJI Mavic. It only takes a few moments to install the whole system, and in moments you can be capturing epic shots in the air. 

One of the most exciting things we discovered shooting with Insta360 Sphere, is the unlimited angles that the camera can capture with its built-in lens. We were able to effectively record multiple angles over the course of a single flight. Plus, AI technology built in that does a lot of the hard work we normally have to take on in post production to stitch shots together.  

Not to mention, when we were shooting there was no worry that propellers or mounts would interfere with the image, because this camera’s design makes the drone effectively invisible. 

By the end of the day we found ourselves on the gorgeous cliffs of Palos Verdes, overlooking the coastline of Los Angeles and the vast Pacific Ocean. Even with winds and shifting light, the camera performed great, and Gene had the whole crew laughing and riding motorcycles gleefully into the sunset. 

Ultimately, any time we get a chance to fly in a beautiful setting while hanging out with fun, talented people – you know we will be there!  

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